Definition of Hapkido
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Ten Guidelines of Hapkido
The definition of Hapkido
Hapkido is a sports of vital energy to train body and mind.
It is a culminative marital art which cultivates not only a trustworthy character
but also physical condition and mind by training a supernaturally-robust strength
and good physique through the exercise of both literary and military art Hapkido, different from
other martial art, is our orthodox traditional martial art to harmonize the power of inner
hollowness with personality through three training principles prior to the enhancement of
physical techniques as well as to develop the comprehensive training by using various instruments
and technique.

It is a kind of self-defending marital art enabling young and old, male and female to protect their bodies
and properties from danger by attacking enemies`s vital pont, while yielding them in a flash moment.
Hapkido is a martial art of secret and super natural technique which is good for longevity not only
by developing brain through moderate stimulation to joints, but also by helping smooth blood circulation
and controlling autonomic nerve system as well.

Hapkido, seeking for free application of vital energies Cheongi, Jigi, and Mingi to abdomen,
with the adaptation of its power to technique, is one of training which makes one realize the philosophy
of ascetic and real self through painstaking and higher level of training.