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Dear Hapkido-loving members home and aboard

At this time of growing demand for Hapkido, under the objective of embodiment of world peace, globalization of Hapkido, and healthy world through Hapkido, I strongly pledge to delvelop this association further, with the pride as world best corporation to virtually lead Hapkido

activities home and aboard.

And I will do my best to promote our corporation to give the fullest satisfaction and deep impression to memebers as well as to meet memebers` more diversified and heightened demands through the very best skill, reseach with much devotion and enthusiasm, newly-developed technique, and spirit of martial art as well.

Also, I will strive to open a chapter of harmony and unity among memebers for the spread and promotion of Hapkido  to nurture sound mind of youth in the world.

As no sports can make a conspicuous development without the support of organization, so any organization, if formed, will lose its liveliness and soon become nominal without positive activities.

Thus, I think I will make a bold application of up-to date techniques of Hapkido to modern life, our tradition-honored martial art, which has survived in our long history in order to make a drastic reform for its development. And I think that will make a great contribution to the promotion of people`s physical strength all over the world and change of their consciousness.


Dear Hapkido-loving members home and aboard

As sound body dwells in sound body, real beauty will be created only on the basis of robust mind.

Anyway, I hopefully believe that national martial art, Hapkido will contribute much to world peace and welfare of humankind as martial art to be joined and loved by people throughout the world.

Lastly, I wish that everything goes well with all the members of Hapkido

and their families across the world.


Thank you

Private corporation of World Hapkido Association


Chairman / Ph.D Sang-sup Eum