Speech by chairman
of Association
Background of Establishment
Principles of Association
Purpose and Activities
of Association
History of Association
Organization of Association
Major activities of Association

Career of Chairman of Association

Legal Affair Department Head of Central Meeting of Korea Law Academic Socicty

Human Right Counselling Center Head of Human Right Protection Committee

Chairman of National Campaign Headqarter of Korea Crime Prevention

Member of Korea Crime Protection Foundation

Member of Korea Association of United Nations

International Association Korea Committee Organization Head of United Nations World Peace Educators

Editing Committee of United Nations News

Pan Religious Order Purification Committee Chief of Korea Buddhism

Jogaejong Religious Order Inspection Chief of General Buddhism

Chairman of International Aerobics Association

Chairman of International Gongsudo Association

Chairman of International Swordmanship Association

Chairman of International Zen Buddhism Association

Chairman of World Combative Sport Association

Advisor of New Millenium Regional Development Conference

President of Chungbuk Development Research Association

Advisior of General Federation of Korea Martial Technique

Advisior of General Federation of World Martial Arts

Chairman of Leaders Federation of World Peace Martial Arts

President of World Peace Martial Arts Foundation

Chairman of Represcntative Director of 17 Corporations

Advisior of Private Corporation International Special Offence Martial Arts  Federation

Chairman of Private Corporation Haedong Swordmanship Association of International Federation

Chairman of Private Corporation World Guard Martial Arts Combative Sport Association

President of Dow Ryong Martial Arts Group

Chairman of World Hapkido Association of private Corporation

possession of 5 Honorary doctorates induding doctorate of Philosophy

Book : 7 Works including Life and Philosophy

Study : World War Two and World Peace